Our cloud-based analytics platform possesses unrivalled flexibility, allowing practitioners to report and present data in the style that best suits the needs of their organisation.

OpenField Features

What can OpenField do for you?
  • Personalised, Customised

    With OpenField you have the option to work on our inbuilt, pre-configured dashboards, or customise to create your own. The choice is there to do things your way.
  • Designed for the Curious

    As organisations evolve, so do the questions they ask of their data. OpenField provides a platform to ask more complex questions and create dashboards that map athlete performance.
  • Past, Present, Future

    Retrospectively report on what happened, make decisions in real-time, or plan ahead to mitigate against injury. OpenField’s tagging feature ensures the latest performances can be mapped against benchmarks on an individual and team level.
  • OpenField+ Live iPad App

    Available on the App Store, OpenField+ Live allows you to create drill periods, view performance and make decisions in real-time via your iPad.
  • OpenField+ iPhone App

    OpenField+ gives you the ability to create activities and periods on your mobile in real-time. Spend more time with your athletes and avoid post-session maintenance by conducting analysis on the go.
  • Catapult Connect

    OpenField can be connected with any athlete management system through a streamlined API integration. Whether you have a proprietary team platform, third-party technology, or you use AMS by Catapult, Catapult Connect links all your performance solutions.

Safe and Secure

Every athlete and team using our product expects their data to be protected and secure. We understand the importance and responsibility of safeguarding this data for our customers and ensure this by using world class digital safety and security systems.