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Officiating SOLUTIONS

XOS by Catapult officiating solutions are designed to deliver footage that helps game officials make good decisions under pressure.

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Delivering broadcast quality video, HD is an intuitive and affordable system designed to support officials with precise decision making. Enabling plays to be reviewed in real-time or post-game to assist with training, HD is a dynamic and flexible platform.

  • Quality: Support officials with broadcast quality HD video.
  • Flexible: Review plays in-game or support training with post-game analysis.
  • Intuitive: An engaging and straightforward user experience.

XOS Cloud

Cloud makes film available to league offices and game officials. A fast and reliable way to review essential footage, the platform helps to ensure that accurate calls are being made.

  • Convenient: Analyze important video footage wherever you are.
  • Fast: Streamline workflows to quickly get video to league and game officials for review.
  • Secure: Extensive security features mean you have complete control over access to your footage.

XOS by Catapult Officiating

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