Catapult VIsion

Vision is an all-in-one solution that streamlines your workflow, allowing you to spend less time processing and more time engaging your athletes, whilst also spending up to 24% less.

Saving Coaches Time

Video capture, tagging, editing, data imports and analysis, telestrations, easy export to athletes and much more. Vision improves the efficiency of your core video analysis workflows.

Improving Athlete Engagement

Vision is a tool for those looking to engage their athletes in the coaching process. Smart presentation tools and integrated wearable-based data enables you to grab the attention of your athletes.

Reducing Your Spending

Affordable, yet, comprehensive. Vision was engineered to reduce a team’s spend on video analysis. Whilst saving teams up to 24%, you also benefit from spending less time managing multiple solutions and talking to different vendors.


Luton Town Academy

"The dynamic between the coaches and players has really changed for the better since being able to use the software. We can have conversations about their performance individually and as a team."

Simon Dunn

Head of Academy Performance Analysis

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Moose Jaw Warriors

"The platform is so streamlined and easy to use, it works effortlessly with our computers, but the biggest thing is that it makes preparing and teaching easy and efficient."

Mark O'Leary

Head Coach

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Temple University men’s soccer

"To put it simply, Catapult just makes sure we are consistently performing at the highest possible level. It really provides that confidence to know that we are doing the right things on- and off-the-field and gives us a competitive advantage."

Alex Shinsky

Assistant Coach

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas Women’s Basketball

"Catapult just got it. They understood what we needed from a performance perspective while also bringing costs in line with our budget."

Roman Owen

Assistant Coach

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Eastern Kentucky University

"When I first began to use the software, I thought, “no way tagging can be this simple,” but it really is."

Jackie Alexander

Assistant Coach

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