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Catapult Thunder coaching solutions give you the tools you need to elevate the communication of analysis and bring insights to life with video.

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HD is a dynamic on-site video editing platform used by teams at every level of sport. Manage and edit your video using a range of intuitive features designed to elevate the communication of key performance messages.


    • Local: Store video on-site to give coaches immediate access for analysis and collaboration.
    • Comprehensive: Spend less time searching and more time teaching with comprehensive analysis and reporting tools.
    • Seamless: Integrate with multiple Catapult products to improve the efficiency of your video workflow.


Teams are fast-moving environments, and your video analysis tools need to keep up. Whether you’re at home, at the arena, or on the road, Cloud enables you to watch video securely whenever and wherever you want.


    • Convenient: Work from anywhere with the Cloud app.
    • Automated: Automatically sync to make sure the most up-to-date edits are always available.
    • Secure: Control who can access video with extensive security features.


See what your players see with VR. Help coaches and athletes to develop their decision making by harnessing the power of virtual reality to walk through real game situations.


    • Realistic: Train players by using real-life game scenarios.
    • Impactful: Leave an impression on your players with an immersive VR experience.
    • Secure: Use VR alongside your other video footage through the HD platform.


Film is regularly in demand, so it’s important that your video department has a way to keep up with requests from coaches and athletes. A simple and reliable way to move media without sacrificing speed or security, Exchange is an efficient means of sharing video from anywhere.


    • Flexible: Don’t be restricted to the office–trade video files from anywhere.
    • Efficient: Transfer video files at high speed to and from any format.
    • Universal: No hardware to purchase, update or support.


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