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Scouting & Recruitment

Catapult Thunder scouting and recruitment solutions bring extra layers of context to your draft preparation, roster management, and player evaluation.

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Effective scouting and roster management are essential to the success of teams both on and off the field. Trusted by elite teams worldwide, Scout delivers a secure and powerful hub for the sharing of draft boards, player evaluations, salary information, personnel data, and more.


    • Objective: Underpin important decisions with objective information using a complete set of front office tools.
    • Versatile: Full customisable to meet the specific needs of your organisation.
    • Secure: Extensive security features mean your data is only shared with those who need it.


A vital tool for college programs, Recruit brings a wealth of prospect data and video to your fingertips. All information is vetted by a team of recruiting professionals, making Recruit the most trusted recruiting service in college sports.


    • Portable: View, edit, and share recruiting video from wherever you are.
    • Customised: Access bespoke highlights packages and statistical reports that meet your requirements.
    • Professional: All evaluations and ratings are done by industry experts.

Catapult Thunder Scouting & Recruitment

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