The Four Elements of a Successful Pre-Season

The Four Elements of a Successful Pre-Season

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Pre-season may not be your players’ favourite time of year, but for coaches and sports scientists it is arguably the most important phase of the season. Preparing players for the demands of a relentless fixture list, the work done during the summer months can pay dividends in the long run.

But how should pre-season be approached and what processes should be put in place to ensure that it meets its objectives? Focusing on the four key elements of a successful pre-season, this ebook guides you through the key components of an effective programme, with leading industry practitioners providing comments around best practice along the way.

#1 Have a Plan (Insights from Matt Reeves, Leicester City FC)

#2 Keeping Players in Condition During the Off-Season (Insights from Dr. Steve Barrett, Hull City FC)

#3 Monitor Performance Progression (Insights from Professor Aaron Coutts, University of Technology Sydney)

#4 Meet the Specific Needs of Individual Players (Insights from Chris Barnes, Sports Performance Consultant)

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