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We've been at the forefront of sports science since 2006. Working with over 2,970 teams around the world, our technology is trusted to drive performance at all levels of sport.


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Trusted by teams and organisations worldwide

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We’ve proven our value to elite sports teams around the world since 2006.

Egypt National Team

Egypt National Team

"Catapult means we have more objective evidence about the condition of the players. We have reliable data and we can go through this data to manage load and consequently reduce injury risk."

Dr. Mohamed Abou Elela

Team Doctor

University of Charleston Men’s Soccer

University of Charleston Men’s Soccer

"I would say PlayerTek is a valuable investment. Especially if the program has faced injuries for which they have no answers due to the lack of understanding player workloads. In addition, the return that comes from attracting more recruits as well as higher-profile athletes who want to feel like they are in a professional environment is huge."

Jeremy De Hoog

Graduate Assistant Coach

Duke Basketball

Duke Basketball

"We use [Catapult] on all of our players in every single practice, every game, every shootaround, so we have a really good idea of the intensity and the quantity of movement that occurs in every single session."

Nicholas Potter

Director of High Performance & Sports Science

LOU Rugby

LOU Rugby

"Catapult’s technology is the most efficient and the best in terms of quality, reliability and precision."

Brice Puthod

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bàsquet Girona

Bàsquet Girona

"With the total PlayerLoad we can talk with the coaches and know the amount of load we want to get from every practice. From there we can measure how the practice was an compare practice weeks and games with each other."

Arnau Sacot

Physical Trainer

Welsh Rugby Union

Welsh Rugby Union

"Our alignment all the way through the Pathway means when a player comes to be considered for senior squad, we have years of historical data on a players development."

Ciaran Miller

Performance Pathway Sports Scientist

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Independent scientific validation is central to our research and development process.

To date Catapult has been referenced in over 100 academic journal articles.