10 reasons why Catapult Vector is the most advanced athlete tracking technology in sport

Catapult Vector

Catapult Vector delivers a new level of accuracy, usability, and efficiency to empower critical decisions about performance, risk, and return to play.

Here are 10 reasons why Vector is the most advanced athlete tracking technology in sport.

1. Precise in-stadium GNSS performance

Catapult Vector has proven accuracy and reliability in the most challenging environments.

Vector combines the latest GNSS technology with deliberate engineering decisions to optimise satellite coverage in challenging stadium environments.

When stadiums become fully obstructed, Catapult Vector is ClearSky-compatible, ensuring an easy transition from global to local positioning systems.

2. Combined GPS and LPS tracking

Catapult Vector combines GNSS and LPS functionality, enabling the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments for both training and competition.

The compatibility of GNSS and LPS has been proven for all core variables to provide absolute confidence in mixing tracking technologies.

Local Positioning System (LPS): Catapult Vector utilises the independently-validated ClearSky technology to deliver consistent, high-quality data in indoor facilities and obstructed stadium environments.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): Engineered to perform in demanding team sport conditions, Catapult Vector utilises the latest GNSS technology and a carefully-considered design to deliver market-leading tracking data.

3. The smallest dual tracking device in sport

Catapult Vector is the smallest combined tracking technology for elite sport.

The device is 20% smaller than the OptimEye S5, with five times the processing power to deliver the next generation of live algorithms, communications, and functionality.

4. Wireless and laptop-less live solutions

Catapult has re-engineered the live experience for flexibility and confidence.

Team solution: The combination of on-device calculations and ultra wide band (UWB) communication delivers absolute confidence in data integrity. The Vector receiver’s local WiFi ensures data is easily accessible via iPad or laptop, and single and multiple receivers are available to supercharge team-based live tracking.

Small groups: Apps for smartphone and Apple Watch capture data via Bluetooth at short range from Vector devices. This eliminates both the receiver and laptop, and ensures live data is available to anyone who requires it.


5. Enhanced functionality to improve efficiency

Catapult Vector has been created with sports scientists at the heart of the design process.

New hardware functionality includes:

  • 24-device Vector Dock with a robust carry case
  • Pop-out tray design for accessibility
  • Ignition button to switch on/off all devices
  • Battery and data transfer status indicator
  • On-board battery and computing power for use in the field
  • Integrated Vector receiver storage

6. Fully integrated heart rate monitoring

Catapult Vector is designed to reduce the impact on the athlete and improve the ease at which precise heart rate data can be collected.

Physiological insights are an important component in many athlete performance profiles. Catapult Vector derives heart rate via ECG directly from the sensor-embedded premium garment. This delivers high quality heart rate data and completely eliminates the need for any additional heart rate hardware.

7. Smartphone and smartwatch small group live solution

Catapult Vector provides live data snapshots to smartphone and smartwatch, enhancing the use of real-time performance data.

  • Live feedback on small groups of athletes at close proximity (n<15, d<50m)
  • Improved accessibility and mobility during rehab and small group sessions
  • Allows multiple users to engage with live data on the training field
  • Eliminates the need for a receiver and laptops during the activity

8. Robust live data immune to WiFi interference

Catapult Vector has completely reimagined the live athlete tracking experience.

The Vector live system uses UWB communications to dramatically reduce the impact of WiFi interference. Single or multiple Vector receivers can be used to maximise field coverage. Tracking data is then supplied wirelessly from the Vector receiver to iPad or laptop.

The Vector receiver’s local wireless network ensures athlete data is not just contained to the sidelines and can be readily available to coaches.

9. Five-times on-board processing power

Catapult Vector's significant on-board processing power unlocks sport-specific analytics and proprietary metrics to bring an extra dimension to the athlete monitoring process.

Through the sophistication of the technology and application of data science, Catapult has been able to identify key high intensity, sports specific events to better understand athlete loading and performance.

Explosive efforts, soccer goalkeeping, rugby scrums and tackles, American football impacts and quarterback throws, and basketball jumps are all examples of Catapult identifying critical sport-specific events.

10. World Rugby and FIFA compliant

Catapult Vector is fully compliant with all FIFA, World Rugby, and MLB standards meeting expectations for size, accuracy, durability, and reliability.

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