Catapult strengthens Athlete Management System with new features

Improving the efficiency of key processes, Catapult AMS streamlines the management and communication of performance information.

Over the past few months, Catapult AMS has continued to add insightful, user-requested features to make the process of managing athlete and team data as intuitive and flexible as possible.

From quick notes to integrated fixture information, the latest Catapult AMS developments are designed to boost the efficiency of key workflows and improve the accessibility of your athlete management operations.

Here’s a brief summary of the most recent features:

Logging quick notes

Enables medical staff to capture and track treatments and preventative tools for all athletes quick through a simple checklist.

Add new injury/illness from medical section

Any staff member with injury or illness permissions can now view links to enter new medical conditions. 

Google Maps integration

To save time for athletes and ensure they know exactly where to be, the Google Maps mobile feature allows an athlete to view the exact address of a venue and any other important location details.

Hover over an event to view location

As part of the Google Maps integration, the address of the venue will display as you hover over the main calendar screen if you’ve added an address.

Update treatment note table options

The options bar in the treatment notes table has been updated to duplicate notes straight from the table, with an improved table to reduce the number of clicks needed.

Copy cells within and across reports

In addition to duplicating a report, you can copy a cell within a report (chart, table, text, image) and paste it in the next available free space, on the next page of the same report, or another report within the same team.

‘Touch to Start’ data entry option

Configured to your preference, this feature reduces the chances of an athlete entering data for another person, allowing you to quickly search for a name and click ‘Start’ once the desired athlete is selected.

OSICS code added to injury and illness table

An OSICS classification code has been added to both the injury and illness tables to assist with data collection in a league-wide setting. 

Multiple medical databases

Provides ‘Platform Administration’ access to enable more than one medical database for a team, the choice between optional or mandatory entries, and a medical database to be view only.

Connect game fixtures

Integrated fixtures (season, phase, game) can be added to an injury or illness for better context when logging and reviewing medical history.

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