Catapult launches all-new Rugby Suite to support enhanced rugby-specific analysis

14th November 2019

Catapult is proud to announce the launch of its all-new Rugby Suite, a unique set of algorithms engineered to identify and measure key technical and physical events specific to rugby union.

Developed in collaboration with Saracens, Scottish Rugby Union, Fédération Française de Rugby, and Wales Rugby, the Rugby Suite is designed to better quantify the demands of rugby union. Improving on existing metrics and introducing new ones, the Rugby Suite delivers unique insights and informs crucial coaching decisions around load management.

By leveraging the inertial sensors within Catapult’s Vector S7 and OptimEye S5 devices, the Rugby Suite’s algorithms automatically detect scrums, kicks and contact involvements. This information can be used to build a detailed picture of the physical demands placed on rugby players.

In addition to detecting scrum, kick and contact instances, the Rugby Suite measures instance duration (i.e. ‘time to feet’) and delivers a unique wearable metric known as Back In Game (BIG) Time. This metric has the potential to provide important insights about player fatigue levels and intent when returning to the defensive or offensive line.

“The Rugby Suite represents a major step forward in the field of rugby analytics,” said Tom Sherriff, Sport Scientist at Saracens. “Working closely with Catapult, we realised that there was scope to refine existing rugby metrics and more effectively assess the work performed by the athletes–particularly forwards who have been under-served by past measures. I’m confident that this new set of metrics will offer an improved assessment of rugby performance and support coaches with a range of innovative new insights.”

Data from the Rugby Suite can be integrated with the Catapult Vision video platform to provide additional layers of context. When presented alongside match or training footage, the information from the Rugby Suite becomes a valuable step in the video analysis workflow and can offer fresh perspectives on team and player performance.

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Image: Getty