Catapult passes 100 teams on new Vector technology

Catapult recently passed the milestone of 100 teams using its next-generation wearable technology, Catapult Vector.

Despite the product being made exclusively available to a small number of Australian teams during its soft launch in May 2019, 91% of teams now signed to Vector are based outside Australia, with 73% being soccer and rugby teams in the EMEA region.

Technological Integration

Vector’s integration with Catapult’s video platform, Catapult Vision, has already had a big impact in EMEA.

Alex Martin, Head of Physical Performance at Leicester Tigers, said: “We’re excited to have both Vision and Vector used by our senior team. Being able to integrate the wearable and video analysis is a huge step forward and will push the boundaries of what we’re able to do with sports science even further.”

Vector’s unique access to proprietary ClearSky technology delivers seamless interoperability between indoor and outdoor environments, and has been a significant factor in Vector’s success. Additionally, the reduction in the size of the device (20% smaller than its predecessor) and a 500% increase in processing power have helped to drive demand.

Global Adoption

Vector is fully compliant with all FIFA and World Rugby standards, a status that has helped its adoption by 85 soccer teams and 10 rugby organisations worldwide. The National Rugby League (NRL) is among the organisations committed to Vector, as are 13 American Football teams across the NFL and NCAA.

Luis Feigenbaum, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Performance, Health and Wellness at the University of Miami, speaks highly of Catapult Vector: “Catapult Vector is a revolutionary measurement system where we can track how fast our student-athletes are performing, how much work they’re doing, how much load and the directions that they’re moving in. It should help with the overall incorporation of maintaining our student-athletes’ health and it plays a role in understanding where people are at when they’re coming back from injuries.”

When asked whether using Catapult and the new Vector device are a must for winning organisations, Bruce Arians, Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, said: “I don’t think there’s any doubt.”

Leading Innovation

Commenting on the commercial momentum of Vector, Dr. Adir Shiffman, Catapult Executive Chairman, said: “Catapult invests substantial R&D resources in ensuring we remain the innovation leader in sports performance technology. The exciting sales momentum being experienced by Vector across all regions is the direct result of this commitment. For example, the ClearSky technology that enables Vector to operate seamlessly both indoors and outdoors was first conceived more than five years ago.

“Catapult’s significant and fast-growing revenue base lets us keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sports performance technology over the long-term, and is a genuine competitive advantage for us in this industry.”

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