What makes Catapult Vector the benchmark in athlete monitoring and management?

Catapult Vector brings 20 years of engineering and sports science knowledge together in a single device. Built in collaboration with some of the best high performance practitioners in the world, Catapult Vector sets a new benchmark for data reliability, analytical depth, and workflow efficiency.

Tracking data you can trust

Vector was engineered to do two things: use world-class GNSS technology to optimise in-stadium use, and provide dual GNSS/LPS solution that can be used seamlessly when transitioning from indoor to outdoor environments.

With proven accuracy in the most challenging performance environments, Vector uses the latest GNSS antenna to reduce signal reflections and optimise satellite coverage. Using independently-validated LPS technology, Vector combines indoor and outdoor data in a single activity for a more efficient analysis experience.

Empowering critical decisions

FIFA and World Rugby compliant, Vector completely reimagines the live player tracking experience. Using ultra-wideband communications to reduce the impact of WiFi interference, the technology incorporates a wireless receiver to ensure that data is more readily available to coaches and not limited to the sidelines. Further streamlining the analysis process, Vector’s mobile app eliminates the receiver and laptop entirely for small-group rehab sessions.

Vector is also fully integrated with Catapult’s industry-defining analytics. This sport-specific work has been a cornerstone of player tracking innovation in recent years, with the sophistication of wearable technology enabling the reverse engineering of crucial performance questions.

Minimise player impact, maximise team efficiency

Physiological insights are a key component of any individual’s performance analysis, and the ability to capture heart rate data in the least intrusive way possible to allow coaches look at internal responses to external training load. Vector collects heart rate directly from a premium, sensor-embedded garment, with a heart rate strap no longer required.

20% smaller than the OptimEye S5, Vector is also Catapult’s smallest-ever GNSS device despite having five times more on-board processing power. This power provides more capacity for live algorithms, communications, and enhanced functionality.

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