Catapult’s cricket algorithm: Hannah Jowitt, England Cricket

27th October 2020

During April and May, Catapult hosted its Performance Webinar Series featuring leading performance thinkers and practitioners across a wide range of sports.

In episode five of the series, Hannah Jowitt, International Pathways Analyst at England Cricket, talked through the development of the fast bowling algorithm and how it is being used to inform practice in elite cricket.

Entitled “Using Catapult in Cricket: From development to practical application”, Hannah’s presentation looked at the use and development of wearable technology in cricket, including:

  • [52:06] Introduction to Hannah and her roles at England Cricket
  • [54:00] Background of and issues with previous monitoring and reporting in cricket
  • [57:03] Algorithm development – Research aim and method
  • [1:02:23] Algorithm development – Validation, results, and conclusions
  • [1:06:22] How and why the algorithm is used in elite sport environment
  • [1:20:30] Questions and answers


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