Performance data + video Webinar recap: Your questions answered

12th May 2022

In our recent webinar featuring Adam Chovan, Catapult Senior Product Manager, and Mark Ventriglia, Senior Product Marketing Manager, we took a closer look at the solution coined ‘the future of team analytics’ and how teams are uncovering new, contextual insights with integrated athlete data + video. 

Since this webinar aired, we’ve received a series of questions relating to this new integration. Read on to get your questions answered and learn more about this powerful, new integration that brings athlete performance data and video together. 

Watch this webinar to learn more about our latest integration and get a deep dive into: 

  • The key workflows that uncover new performance insights.
  • New methods for measuring athlete performance.
  • Understanding the impact of positional data analysis.
  • How your team can bring context to your performance.



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Top 5 Questions about integrated data + video: the future of team analytics


1. How can my team access positional data using this integration?

This integration brings together Catapult’s video analysis software and athlete monitoring solutions. With Catapult’s solutions now connected, the GPS functionality in Catapult Vector devices allows teams to access positional data which can be viewed in our video analysis platform on a 2D Pitch.

For the first time, teams can now access this level of insight without the need for expensive optical solutions. 

2. Which sports have access to this integration?

This integrated solution is currently available to Soccer and Rugby teams using Catapult Vector devices for athlete monitoring and MatchTracker for video analysis.

Over the next 12-24 months, Catapult will deliver this integration to more sports including American Football, Basketball, and Ice Hockey.

3. What type of contextual insights can teams uncover?

With the integrated data + video solution, now, every physical metric is connected to video footage, viewable at every game moment. This means that every athlete’s physical metric can be connected to game moments and viewed on video. Here are a few examples where new questions can be answered. 

  • Understand performance outcomes in key game moments: Whether it’s a high press, quick break, or scoring opportunity, teams can understand the context of each outcome based on involved players’ physical outputs. 


  • Measure player performance to improve training programs: Teams can now understand the physical outputs required to execute game strategy during training. This is done by benchmarking in-game physical data to training programs.


  • Unlock Positional Data: Teams can now access positional data without optical cameras using our built-in wearable GPS. This provides a new view into key insights across every player action and game moment. 


  • Connected analysis across your entire team: With every dataset connected to one platform, Analysts and Sport Scientists can collaborate on team and player-specific performance insights. Coaches can now understand a new level of connected insights to inform game strategy and training improvements. 


Beta-tester Oliver Miller-Farrell, Senior Director of Strategy & Analytics, at Nashville Soccer Club, commented:

“The integration of a performance dataset within our video software will give us a new lens of analysis for both games and training sessions, as well as offer us ways to improve the efficiency of our existing workflows across both performance and video departments … It’s an exciting combination of two important information sources that mutually provide context to one another.”

4. How can my team trial this integration? 

Teams interested in integrating their performance and video solutions can contact us to set up a demo and evaluation of our new solution.

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5. Where can I learn more about this solution?

Learn more about this integration by visiting our solutions page or schedule a demo with our team. You can also download this webinar on-demand and share it across your organization.