Lions Rugby to use Catapult to track player performance

The Lions Rugby Co. have signed a deal with Catapult with the aim of optimising the team’s performance.

The Johannesburg-based Super Rugby franchise will use Catapult OptimEye S5 devices to monitor performance and inform coaching decisions across the first team and academy.

The wearable technology will be used to collect a range of technical and physical data points, including the metrics that form part of the recently updated Rugby Suite.

According to Stefan van Deventer, sport scientist at the Lions, the accuracy of the system and the live tracking of the players’ performance in training and on matchday is what sets the system apart from the rest.

“The players’ fatigue and return to play are tracked while they train or during matches,” Deventer explains. “This way we can ensure that they train and recover at optimal levels at all times as the data is very rugby-specific and extremely accurate. We feel that Catapult allows us to have a better relationship with the players in terms of communicating why we train the way we do. 

“The players enjoy getting accurate, personalised performance insights as it helps them to be more efficient in training while also helping coaches to manage the squad through improved benchmarking and feedback. Catapult is the world leader for sport monitoring and that is why the Lions are partnering with them. Their technology is the most efficient and the best in terms of quality, reliability and precision.”

Image: Lions Rugby Co.

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