PlayerTek helping to drive sports performance at Loughborough University

7th February 2018

As one of the world’s leading sports universities, Loughborough uses PlayerTek’s industry-leading technology to improve athlete performance and stay ahead of the pack.

Loughborough employ the PlayerTek system across a variety of sports, tracking and evaluating athletes to help them to learn and improve after every game, competition and training session.

“The addition of PlayerTek GPS is pivotal to the way we manage our players from a physical perspective,” said Andy Rhys-Jones, Head of Performance Analysis at Loughborough Sport. “It has increased the specificity and accuracy of players’ training loads and return from injury, and allows us to integrate our technical and tactical data with precise physical performance data. PlayerTek also adds significantly to the quality of experience we can deliver for our volunteers and placement students, so it’s a great addition to our overall pathway here at Loughborough.”

Loughborough’s men’s and women’s hockey and rugby programmes have recently been making use of PlayerTek, with the data helping coaches to advance performance, identify fatigue and reduce the risk of injury. Providing a range of volume and intensity metrics to measure player workload, PlayerTek gives teams the ability to closely monitor athlete development and judge performance against strategic objectives.

Loughborough Rugby

“For most of the team this is the first time they’ve used such in-depth analysis software, so it’s really helping,” said Rachel Malcolm, Scotland international and Loughborough Lightning rugby captain. “Being a new side, who are working hard on a number of different areas, PlayerTek has really helped to focus our attention on the areas of our play that need the most work.”

Supporting teams at all levels of sport, PlayerTek is committed to providing athletes and coaches with information that helps them generate a competitive advantage on the field. As one of the world’s premier sporting institutions, it will be exciting to see how Loughborough continue to use PlayerTek to develop and inform coaching practices in an elite environment.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Loughborough University,” said Kevin McDaid, Head of Technology at PlayerTek. “To have PlayerTek used by one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and by international athletes, is testament to the quality of our technology. We are looking forward to PlayerTek being incorporated into Loughborough Sport’s holistic athlete programmes and hearing of their successes.”

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