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Since 2006, we have proven our value to elite sports teams around the world. Our technologies are validated by independent scientific research institutes, and the numbers speak for themselves…
1800 Teams
35 Sports
104 Research Articles
  • Anthony White
    AFC Bournemouth
    (Workshop Presentation)
  • Dan Fransson
    IF Elfsborg
  • Basketball in Japan
  • Steve Barrett, Hull City FC
    (Workshop Presentation)
  • Tampine Rovers FC


Anything that makes us smarter about our players’ health is a win for us. Catapult certainly has helped. Data acquisition is critical to being proactive with every element of player health and performance, and Catapult is a key product for us in that area.

Mark Cuban Owner Dallas Mavericks

I have had a great experience working with Catapult. The software is easy to use and intuitive, but also allows for a greater level of analysis when required. The staff have always been on hand to answer any questions on how to use the software or to help with understanding and interpreting the data.

Tom Sherriff Lead Sport Scientist Saracens

Catapult allows me to gather and communicate objective information to coaches and other members of the performance team, informing decision making.

Matt Green First Team Sport Scientist West Bromwich Albion

Elite service

Our dedicated sports science and support team is an extension of your staff. We’re there to help you unlock the value of the Catapult system and identify patterns in your data to advance your performance.
  • Setup, Training and Support

    Join Catapult and experience installation and support from a sports scientist to customise your athlete monitoring journey and hit the ground running. Talk to us via email, on the phone or in person – we’re a part of your team.
  • Expert Support

    Catapult’s support team of sports scientists, support technicians, and engineers is dedicated, qualified and experienced. Every member of our support team is an expert in Catapult products, and they have years of experience as practitioners and researchers, so they know how to ask the right questions and how to implement our technology in the setting of elite sport. We also encourage and facilitate the sharing of novel practices across our company and clients.
  • Localised Help, Globally

    With over 50 support staff based in over 16 countries, we have the largest support team in our industry. This means that you can talk to someone in every major timezone, plus they will likely speak your native language. For example, if you’re touring on the other side of the world, we can make sure you get help from our most local support team.
Case studies in
  • AZ Alkmaar Arne Jaspers Performance Data Analyst
    “The response time is very quick and I find it quite easy to use for things such as scientific research also.”
    AZ Alkmaar
  • Buffalo Bills Eric Ciano Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
    “The guys will come over and ask ‘what was my PlayerLoad today?’, ‘Yesterday was a hard practice, how did it look on the computer? Was it as hard as it felt to me?’
    Buffalo Bills
  • Hull City Steve Barrett Sports Scientist
    “We use Catapult at the club because it’s the most validated and reliable product available that has been shown through peer-reviewed journals on a consistent basis.”
    Hull City
  • Jacksonville Jaguars Tom Myslinski Head of Strength and Conditioning
    “ Our practices can be two hours outside and there’s a lot of volume that’s covered. You realize how much time our athletes are on their feet.”
    Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Newcastle United Jamie Harley Head of Sports Science
    “The reason is it really gives you a positive effect on what you’re doing on the training pitch.”
    Newcastle United
  • Seattle Sounders David Tenney Sports Science & Performance Manager
    “Catapult provides the opportunity to better quantify the mechanical load and physical load performed in training.”
    Seattle Sounders