Gold Coast Titans

The Gold Coast Titans are long-term users of Catapult AMS and have built up a wealth of athlete information over the last three seasons in the NRL.

Primarily, the Titans use Catapult AMS to centralise their athlete medical data and improve communication around injury and performance throughout the organisation.

“Catapult AMS helps us to share data between staff as well as help us make decisions quickly, which is imperative in the elite sporting environment,” says Adam Russell, Head Physiotherapist at the Titans. “The ability to keep all injury information – including vision, imaging reports and operations reports – in one place makes life so much easier.”

In a sport as physically demanding as rugby league, it is essential for teams to map injuries and better understand risk factors for individual athletes, different positions, and the squad as a whole. The Titans have used Catapult AMS as a central location for this type of information, deriving key insights and informing decisions with objective data.

“The medical reporting feature has been great as it has enabled us to gain an insight into our injuries and understand how they have occurred and to what parts of the body,” says Russell. “This allows us to have good discussions with both training and coaching staff to help reduce injury risk.”

Throughout their experience using Catapult AMS, the Titans’ staff have been able to provide feedback on the platform and work alongside Catapult to shape the future of the product.

“The one thing I have been most impressed with are the lengths that Catapult’s team go to further improve their system and listen to our feedback,” says Russell. “This gives me great confidence that it will continue to be the go-to for athlete monitoring into the future.”