Little Rock Basketball

User Story

Logan Dahms was appointed Director of Basketball Operations at Little Rock Trojans – an NCAA Division I program – in 2017, joining from the Golden State Warriors where he was a video and data analyst.

Dahms recently made the decision to implement Catapult Vision at Little Rock, where the Trojans are using the platform to improve the athlete experience with performance information. Since starting to use Vision at Little Rock, Dahms has been struck by the way the platform intuitively streamlines video workflows.

“The first time I used Vision I thought to myself, “It can’t be this simple” but it is,” Dahms says. “It only takes a few seconds to go from raw video file to clipping, tagging and annotation within the software.”

“Organization, export and presentation are instant – no long waits for files to convert or save in a new format. All the labels you create effortlessly transfer over to your next edit and you can switch back and forth between edits instantly within the same window. In short, Vision is how video editing should have worked from the very beginning.”

One of the priorities for Little Rock is to engage athletes with performance information and improve the way insights are shared and communicated across the program. Dahms feels that Vision has helped him to achieve this with the Trojans this season.

“Vision’s telestration tools give our players a new way to interact with film – a way that they’re familiar with,” says Dahms. “The graphics give our staff the ability to be even more precise with their communication and help engage our players more intimately with the learning process.”

Another part of this improved communication process has been the Vision app. Little Rock have used it to good effect, ensuring that athletes have access to relevant footage and analysis wherever they are.

“Vision’s player application is the step that has been missing for years. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the video player that each of your players carries with them 16 hours a day?

“Using the app we were able to push customized teaching tape to our players, giving them a new way to learn while away from the gym and making them feel more personally invested.”

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