Catapult AMS

Designed to optimise performance while minimising risk, Catapult AMS consolidates key performance, health and wellness data in one place.

What can Catapult AMS do for you?

  • All Your Data in One Platform

    Storing all your athlete data in one platform makes it easier to discover and communicate key insights. From dashboards and alerts, to athlete profiles and performance trends, Catapult AMS informs key decisions with objective information.
  • Enhance Communication

    Good communication underpins every process in a team environment. By opening up communication channels, Catapult AMS ensures that each department and staff member is communicating effectively. Centralising calendar and instant messaging activity, AMS also enables athletes to relay wellness information to coaches ahead of each training session.
  • Manage Performance Anywhere

    Designed to increase efficiency and mobility, Catapult AMS Coach is a tablet app to manage athletes wherever you are. Capture data for an individual or group, manage the team’s schedule, and access your messages to give performance feedback in real time.
  • Efficient Data Analysis

    Catapult AMS is designed to automate as much of your workflow as possible. It offers six different methods for capturing data, including the Catapult Wearables API to seamlessly synchronise GPS-derived data. Athletes can also capture data from the mobile app to instantly collect wellness, RPE, and screening information.
Baylor University
Melbourne United Basketball Team
Real Salt Lake
West Ham United
Women’s Tennis Association
Wales FA

Who Uses Catapult AMS

Catapult AMS is trusted by teams, universities, associations, leagues, governing bodies, institutes, and clinics around the world. Catapult AMS is scalable and configurable to the needs of each organisation.

Maximise Performance

Minimise Risk

Save time and resources
Retain intellectual property
Accessible from any desktop, mobile or tablet
Secure and permission-based
Support risk and management
Make informed decisions with better insights and communication
All team information in one platform
Global customer support

What Teams Think

Sports scientists and coaches around the world use Catapult AMS to maximise performance and minimise risk.

Catapult has been a core source of information for our performance planning and management for the past four years. We utilise the data as part of the decision-making process when monitoring and managing loads, as well as arranging recovery and regeneration methods. The ability to now streamline all this data into AMS from multiple inputs will be critical to our success moving forward.

Andrew Althoff Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance Baylor University

In elite sport, anything that can save time is worth its weight in gold. So to be able to have our wearable data sync straight into the AMS, without messing about importing or exporting CSV files, that was a huge benefit that I saw with Catapult AMS. Bringing all of the team’s data into one place just allows me to be more efficient with my time.

Eric Hollingsworth High Performance Manager Melbourne United Basketball Team

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