Athlete management

Improving the efficiency of key processes, Catapult Form is a dedicated wellness solution that focuses on athlete feedback and management.

Any form you want

Want to combine and/or customise your wellness and COVID-19 questionnaires? Want to quickly and easily update code of conduct rules and send out to athletes to sign? You can now create any form you want without the need of a developer or contacting support, simply and easily.

Collect feedback faster

Streamline your processes by collecting directly from your athletes via our mobile app, improve compliance with alerts and simplify analysis with our new dashboards and data analysis suite to help you make decisions as soon as the data arrives, when it matters most.

Combining objective with subjective

With a seamless wearable technology integration, data captured directly through your forms makes it easier and more secure to have all your important internal and external load data together in one place to make better informed decisions.

Security at its core

Catapult Form prioritises the security of your information and ensures that your data processes are GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Fully cloud-based, the platform reduces the risk of data loss when staff leave your organisation.


DHL Stormers

"The value of Catapult AMS is profound because the players take more of an interest in their own performance and start to understand that when we do certain things they get these benefits from what they’ve done."

Stephan Du Toit

Head Strength & Conditioning Trainer

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Gold Coast Titans

"I have used many different systems in my time working in elite sport and Catapult AMS is by far the best."

Adam Russell

Head Physiotherapist

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