Catapult works with basketball teams at all levels to inform key performance decisions with objective data.

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Catapult’s Athlete Monitoring and Video Analysis solutions provide a comprehensive look into all aspects of performance.


Our integrated solutions connect every dataset to video to unlock a new level of insights for every athlete, at every moment.


Trusted by some of the biggest teams in basketball, Catapult is helping to transform the application of performance insights at all levels of play.

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Catapult Vector

Catapult Vector is independently validated and trusted by basketball teams worldwide and proven at the highest levels of the game.

  • Optimize Performance: Prepare for the demands of basketball by managing workloads and monitoring player development.
  • Mitigate Injury Risk: Know when to keep pushing and when to back off. Quantify training programs and monitor the loading of your athletes to reduce the risk of preventable injuries.
  • Support Return To Play: Objectively manage the rehabilitation process through performance benchmarking and robust return to play protocols.
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Measure Athlete Performance


Go beyond standard metrics to answer performance questions specific to the physical demands of Basketball.



Measure biomechanical effects of movements such as jumps, changes of direction, accelerations, and decelerations that traditional GPS technology can’t detect.



Catapult’s suite of basketball-specific analytics leverages inertial sensors and machine learning to automatically identify change of directions, intensities, and will be able detect jumps.



ClearSky brings the satellite infrastructure to your venue and captures consistent high-quality positional data in even the most challenging environments.



Add value to decisions at every level of your organization in combining high-level positional, inertial and event data with real-time reporting.

Duke Basketball

"We use [Catapult] on all of our players in every single practice, every game, every shootaround, so we have a really good idea of the intensity and the quantity of movement that occurs in every single session."

Nicholas Potter

Director of High Performance & Sports Science

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas Women’s Basketball

"Catapult just got it. They understood what we needed from a performance perspective while also bringing costs in line with our budget."

Roman Owen

Assistant Coach

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Bàsquet Girona

"With the total PlayerLoad we can talk with the coaches and know the amount of load we want to get from every practice. From there we can measure how the practice was an compare practice weeks and games with each other."

Arnau Sacot

Physical Trainer

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Little Rock Basketball

"Catapult Vision is the market disruption we’ve been awaiting for years. All of those little issues you used to grumble about with your old video software? Vision tackles all of them."

Logan Dahms

Director of Basketball Operations

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