Vision: Animated Telestrations – Improves Athlete Engagement

6th April 2021

Communication is central to the success of any organisation. In sport, the quality and effectiveness of communication makes a significant impact because the margins between success and failure are so small. Without effective communication and the tools which allow for this process, athletes will not develop in the way coaches, analysts, and teams want them to.

Video analysis solutions significantly impact coach to athlete communication because informing athletes is at the heart of analysis. Effective video analysis solutions improve athlete engagement in the communication process and this leads to a faster development of athletes because feedback and insights are more easily understood.

To date, video analysis solutions have not provided users an all-in-one solution that grabs the attention of the modern-day athlete. Solutions have also struggled to allow coaches to communicate their performance insights with confidence and in a clear, easily understandable way.

To solve this issue…

…Catapult has worked closely with coaches across the world so to understand how our solutions can be developed to improve athlete engagement throughout the communication process.

Catapult Vision
Catapult’s video analysis solution, Vision, was released in 2018 and rapid progress has been made by taking on feedback from users of the solution. It has now become an effective feedback and teaching tool after the development and addition of several new features. Vision is an all-in-one solution that allows coaches to focus on presenting clear, powerful insights to athletes.

Animated Telestrations

Vision integrates recently developed creative animations that enable coaches to highlight key points to athletes through dynamic telestrations. Animated telestrations grab the attention of the modern-day athlete, so to improve their engagement in your communication process.

See your future five-step workflow for Vision’s Animated Telestrations below:

  1. Click Edit to create an annotation set
  2. Add and amend a Player Icon
  3. Add duration and move Player Icon to set keyframes
  4. Click Edit to close annotation set tools
  5. Play back the video so to show the animated telesration


In addition to improvements in engagement, animated telestrations are supported through the QuickTime Export process. So you can now deliver more engaging video analysis faster and more efficiently than ever before.


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