Catapult Pro Video

The new standard in performance analysis for elite teams & leagues. Capture, connect, analyze, and share every aspect of athlete & team performance.

Capture & Connect Every Moment

Execute live workflows with multi-angle capture, automated data creation, and connected datasets. 

  • Capture & livestream multi-angle video across a variety of devices. 
  • Automate data creation with custom templates and views across multiple sessions. 
  • Integrate athlete data to video to measure every moment in context. 

In-Depth Analysis

Analyze performance with powerful visualizations & filters that uncover contextual insights for every athlete at every moment. 

  • Connect every dataset to video including a wide range of 3rd-party data providers.
  • Create custom workbooks using a wide range of views including graphs, 2D views, and more.
  • Sort & filter data to find insights across every game, multiple sessions, or entire seasons. 

Create Masterful Presentations

Highlight performance using our suite of presentation tools included in the Catapult Pro Video Suite.

  • Apply player-tracked annotations & auto-masking.
  • Overlay text, images, and a variety of visualizations & telestrations.  
  • Collect & add playlists across games and key moments to presentations. 

Connected Team Performance

Connect your entire team to performance insights and content using our cloud-based sharing application.

  • Share content, insights, and presentations to anyone from any location. 
  • Customize sharing permissions for every user.
  • Analyze live or post game on any device or operating system. 

Introducing Integrated Performance Data and Video Analysis: The Future of Professional Team Analytics

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Nashville Soccer Club

"The integration of a performance dataset within our video software will give us a new lens of analysis for both games and training sessions, as well as offer us ways to improve the efficiency of our existing workflows across both performance and video departments."

Oliver Miller-Farrell

Senior Director of Strategy and Analytics

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5 New Features to Create Powerful Presentations

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How Chelsea FC is reaping the rewards from adding context to performance data

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National Football Development Programme (NFDP) of Malaysia

"We can combine the subjective data from our experienced coaches with the objective Catapult data. It allows us to achieve a higher and more elite level."

Dennis Beking

Programme Director

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