Vision: Review App – Saving Coaches Time

13th April 2021

In 1999, our team created the first tapeless video analysis system in the NFL. Since then, we’ve been working with video analysts, coordinators, and coaches to understand the challenges they face in their roles.

One of the biggest challenges, is that the video analysis market is cluttered with multiple solutions. All of which offer a fix for one element of the analysis workflow without delivering an all-in-one solution. So through aiming to solve this challenge, and after several years of development, we’ve improved our solution to deliver a true all-in-one analysis solution, Vision

Vision enables you and other users to fulfil everyday workflows so that you can focus on presenting clear and powerful solutions to your athletes.

This article looks at how Vision improves video analysis user workflows by offering simplified and live feedback to athletes.

Review App – Coming Summer 2021

The Review App is part of the multiple features that comes with Vision, enabling the video analysis solution to elicit key coaching, team, and athlete performance benefits.

With the tablet-based app, coaches can share video directly to a tablet on the bench and/or out on the field. So now, you can review live video and show athletes real-time feedback.

Review App: Soccer


The Review App improves the video workflow. It does so by removing the need for a laptop whilst on the bench or out on the training field, enables performance video analysis to take place live, and ensures users never miss a moment to analyse an event.

So a coach can now review tags live but also send those back to Vision to flag for use in halftime or full time presentations.

Click here to learn more and explore how Vision can improve you in your role.


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