Performance Data + Video

Catapult syncs athlete performance data with event data and video.

Improve workflow efficiencies to save time and uncover new insights that support tactical decisions, training improvements, and communication across your entire organization.

Available now for elite Soccer and Rugby teams.

Contextualize performance insights

Filter, quantify, and view athlete-specific performance metrics connected to video and event data.

  • Quantify physical outputs for every event, phase of play, or game state.
  • Identify new trends by correlating performance outcomes relative to physical outputs.
  • Leverage Max Intensity data to inform physical requirements for strategy execution.

Unlock positional insights

Access positional data without optical cameras using our built-in wearable GPS.

  • View your team’s positional data on 2D Pitch.
  • Apply visualizations to view team’s shape, dimensions, and more.
  • Analyze players’ movements, positioning, and spacing during a match at any field location.

Connect performance workflows

Save time and communicate effectively across your entire organization with connected data, AI-powered tools, and more.

  • Connect every performance analysis workflow with data, video, and insights.
  • Leverage new insights to inform coaching strategies and training programs.
  • Connect your data to collaborate effectively across your entire organization.

Nashville Soccer Club

"The integration of a performance dataset within our video software will give us a new lens of analysis for both games and training sessions, as well as offer us ways to improve the efficiency of our existing workflows across both performance and video departments."

Oliver Miller-Farrell

Senior Director of Strategy and Analytics

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Introducing Integrated Performance Data and Video Analysis: The Future of Professional Team Analytics

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