Ice Hockey

Catapult works with ice hockey teams around the world to inform key performance decisions with objective data.

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ClearSky T6 quantifies the physical demands of hockey, our Catapult XOS video suite brings your pre- and post-game analysis to life, Catapult AMS elevates the management and communication of data, and our hockey analytics suite takes your analytics to the next level.

Wearable Technology

Independently validated and trusted by hockey teams worldwide, our ClearSky T6 technology is proven at all levels of the game.

  • Optimize Performance: Prepare for the demands of hockey by managing workloads and monitoring player development.
  • Mitigate Injury Risk: Know when to keep pushing and when to back off. Quantify training programs and monitor the loads placed on athletes to reduce the risk of preventable injuries.
  • Support Return To Play: Objectively manage the rehabilitation process through performance benchmarking and robust return to play protocols.

Hockey Analytics Suite

Pushing the boundaries of performance monitoring, Catapult’s hockey analytics suite is specifically designed to measure the loads being placed on your players during practice and games.

  • Quantify Hockey Demands: Build a detailed picture of the demands being placed on your players with metrics such as Skating Symmetry, Total Work Bouts, Skating Load, and Work:Rest Ratio.
  • Automatic Identification: Catapult’s suite of hockey-specific analytics leverages inertial sensors and machine learning to automatically identify 45 hockey metrics.
  • Hockey-Specific Questions: Go beyond standard metrics to answer performance questions specific to the physical demands of hockey.