Catapult works with Lacrosse teams to inform key performance decisions with objective data.

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Our Catapult Vector wearable technology quantifies the physical demands of lacrosse, Catapult Vision brings your pre- and post-match analysis to life, and Catapult Form elevates the management and communication of data.


Trusted by some of the biggest teams in lacrosse, Catapult is helping to transform the application of performance insights across the sport.

Wearable Technology

Independently validated and trusted by football teams across the world, our wearable technology is proven throughout the game.

  • Optimise Performance: Prepare for the demands of lacrosse by managing workloads and monitoring player development.
  • Mitigate Injury Risk: Know when to keep pushing and when to back off. Quantify training programs and monitor the loading of your athletes to reduce the risk of preventable injuries.
  • Support Return To Play: Objectively manage the rehabilitation process through performance benchmarking and robust return-to-play protocols.
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On July 27th 2021, announced a partnership with Premier League Lacrosse (PLL) to capture player performance data and deliver optimizations related to player health, load management, and practice regiments.


Paul Rabil, Co-founder and CMO of the Premier Lacrosse League:
“We’ve seen Catapult’s impact on the world’s top performing athletes, and their state of the art technology offers us the tools to better understand performance trends, strengths and weaknesses, all to help us perform at our highest level.”


Premier League Lacrosse x Catapult, performance insights:

  • Players covered 20% more ground and recorded a 20% increase in distance per high speed effort during games they won.
  • Long stick midfielders logged 2.5 times more acceleration efforts and distance, with midfielders recording a 36% increase in high intensity change of direction efforts during wins.

Franklin and Marshall College

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Catapult. Very quick to respond if there is an issue or a question. I would highly recommend Catapult to coaches who are looking for an edge on their opponents."

Mike Faith

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach

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Christopher Newport University Women’s Lacrosse

"Catapult reassures those instinctual feelings that coaches have and takes the subjectivity out of the coaching."

Lisa Valentine

Head Coach

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