Catapult works with teams at all levels of soccer to inform key performance decisions with objective data.

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Catapult provides leading performance and video analysis solutions to soccer teams at all levels of play. Our combination of athlete monitoring and video analysis technologies allow teams to take their performance analysis to the next level.

Teams can now generate contextual insights at every moment of play by connecting their athlete data to video.

Trusted by teams at every level of the game, Catapult is helping to transform the application of performance insights across the world.

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Independently validated and trusted by over 1,200 soccer teams worldwide, our wearable technology is proven at all levels of the game.

  • Optimise Performance: Prepare for the demands of soccer by managing workloads and monitoring player development.
  • Mitigate Injury Risk: Know when to keep pushing and when to back off. Quantify training programs and monitor athlete loading to reduce the risk of preventable injuries.
  • Support Return To Play: Objectively manage the rehabilitation process through performance benchmarking and robust return to play protocols.
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Soccer-Specific Analytics

Movement Profile

Unique to Catapult, this new standard of workload monitoring delivers unprecedented insights into football-specific movements. Movement Profile quantifies the physical load from your players’ multi-directional movements.


  • Critical information: Accurately quantifying physical load using six advanced intensity- and movement-based parameters.
  • Risk mitigation: Providing a new layer of load monitoring using inertial sensors, Movement Profile can better identify the physical stress placed on your team.
  • Optimising training practice: Adapt training drills to better suit player needs. Movement Profile develops your understanding of match demands.

Newcastle United

"I’ve done a lot of research into the different GPS devices and I’ve always been very, very satisfied about the accuracy and reliability of Catapult."

Jamie Harley

Head of Sports Science

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National Football Development Programme (NFDP) of Malaysia

"We can combine the subjective data from our experienced coaches with the objective Catapult data. It allows us to achieve a higher and more elite level."

Dennis Beking

Programme Director

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Minnesota United

"Looking at the different Movement Profile bands is really exciting and a huge step forward for us. We’re able to see workload to a deeper, more meaningful level and can now identify the mechanical workload of our training sessions and matches."

Adam Parr

Senior Assistant Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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FC Krasnodar

"Without the Catapult devices, I couldn’t imagine how to effectively manage the loads players are put through, our injury prevention program, and team management off-pitch strategy."

Maxim Kronfeld

Head of Science

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Sweden Womens National Team

"[Catapult] helps us to establish the desired intensity during sessions so we can replicate match demands. The data we collect tells us the proportional impact on the players from each of the selected parameters across training and games."

Pontus Ekblom

Performance Manager

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University of Virginia: Men’s and Women’s Soccer

"Catapult serves as a useful reference for workload and return-to-play. It provides specific feedback in terms of how we should plan our sessions to return an athlete back to full fitness as quickly and as safely as possible."

Peter Alston

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Luton Town Academy

"The dynamic between the coaches and players has really changed for the better since being able to use the software. We can have conversations about their performance individually and as a team."

Simon Dunn

Head of Academy Performance Analysis

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Temple University men’s soccer

"To put it simply, Catapult just makes sure we are consistently performing at the highest possible level. It really provides that confidence to know that we are doing the right things on- and off-the-field and gives us a competitive advantage."

Alex Shinsky

Assistant Coach

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Rotherham United

"We cannot account for the physical environment during a match and this is where data analysis from Catapult enables us to make the executive decisions that follow days after in training."

Ross Burbeary

Performance Manager

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University of Kentucky Women’s Soccer

"The players are getting the benefits. They can see things a lot better, and understand things a lot better."

Jim Chapman

Assistant Coach

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